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Meysari gave a new lease of life to the local traditional farming activities, renewing and expanding the cultivation and directing it towards organic farming methods. Meysari inspires you to uncork a bottle of one of red, white or rose Shirvan Wines, pour a glass and taste the outcome of the delicate minuet of dance with Mother Nature.

The great grape escape where good wine comes from good soil nourished with love. 

With its magnificent landscapes, at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains and 750 m above the sea level, its local Mediterranean like climate makes the region suitable for growing extraordinary agricultural produce. The winemakers here recreate the concept of “vin du producteur”, where new technologies are combined with ancestral artistry. It means protection the peculiarities of the soil to produce organic wines rich and unique in personality.

Organic grapevines soak up rich sunshine to turn into a unique wine flavor later

The only EU certified organic wine producer in Azerbaijan.

Currently, the variety of six wines offered are made from a curious mélange of French and Azerbaijani grapes. The “Ecocert” certification guarantees and highlights the best environmentally friendly and socially conscious practices. The eco-responsible engagement reflects the attention to the environmental risks of the century.

Facillities with the best environmetally friendly and socially conscious practices. Technological innovations ensure improved efficiency of the production proccess. Winemaking combines art and science.

The biggest reward for us is to see friends and families gathered around a table, connecting with one another with food, wine and conversation, while relaxing laughter and easy banter resonates across the plantation.

See you in meysari!

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